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Pearl Powder

Amazing Teeth Whitening Treatment

100% SAFE, Easy To Use, All Natural, No Strips,
No Bleach, No Chemicals, No Machine, No Pain

As we age, so do our teeth and mouths. They go through tremendous changes during the aging process, even if you have taken excellent care of them. It's a natural process, similar to your body, as you age everything in your physical structure slowly deteriorates.

Cleaning our teeth and chewing cause our teeth to wear away, and as we proceed in age, the aging dentin (the tooth's middle layer) holds stain easier than younger dentin. A sticky invisible film builds up on your teeth and traps stains, causing your teeth to become dark and yellow.

And along with dark and yellow teeth comes receding gums, which means the gum tissue breaks away from the teeth, leaving the roots exposed and tender. This makes your teeth more vulnerable to tooth decay, cold and hot, and Gum Disease (Periodontal Disease,) a leading cause of tooth loss.

Simple steps such as brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily are important in combating teeth yellowing, receding gums, and gum disease regardless of how old you are, but unfortunately that cannot completely win the battle.

Pearl Powder removes stains and debris from the teeth and strengthens the teeth and gums, and prevents gum disease and receding gums. This slightly abrasive powder is safe and leaves the enamel in tact.

Pearl Powder does not make your teeth look synthetic or as if they have been bleached. Your teeth will return to their natural beauty, like they did in your youth.

If you want whiter, stronger teeth...If you want to cure or prevent receding gums and gum disease, Pearl Powder is your answer. Quit throwing your money away on things that don't work and cause pain, work momentarily, or are expensive and only treat a portion of the problem. Our High Quality, FDA Approved Pearl Powder is the secret to whiter teeth, stronger bones, a beautiful smile, and a disease free mouth.


Wet toothbrush with water, dip brush in powder, and brush for approx. 2-3 minuets. It whitens teeth instantly. Or put toothpaste on brush, then top with pearl powder, brush and rinse.

For bone loss: add 1/4 tsp pearl powder in water or your favorite drink and consume once a day. It's high content calcium will begin strengthening the bones, without calcium calcification or side effects. If you want a teeth whitening treatment that does not contain fluoride, peroxide or other harsh chemicals, and is as simple as brushing your teeth, you want to give this All-Natural Pearly White Powder a try.

Works wonders on veeners and dentures too. It is truly Pure Bliss.

Remember, you're never too old to take good care of yourself, and you my friend are well worth it.

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Pearl Powder works wonders on my dentures, better than any store bought cleaner I have ever used. I will contune to use this product, it makes a Huge difference, and I no longer have to soak them over night.

I tried the stips to whiten my teeth, but it was way too painful. I also used baking soda, bleach, and nothing seemed to work. So I decided to try pearl powder and I was amazed. In fact the next time I went to the dentist she asked me what I was using on my teeth, and I told her "Pearl Powder." And I only had used it one time. I Highly recommend it.

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